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House rules

As you know you are responsible for the content of your account on our website (read our terms & conditions for more information). Being our friend and guest in our house there are some house rules that you must follow.

So please read these house rules carefully, and follow them and start having fun creating your profile and network.

  1. To create your profile you must be 18 years of age or over. If you are a minor ask your parents or legal guardians for permission.
  2. Every photo you upload to your Picitz profile will remain your property. You do not sign over any rights to Picitz.
  3. Do not create a profile other than for yourself. If you create a profile for someone else, without their permission, this will be considered as identity theft. If we get noticed about this, we will remove that profile, and if the person who made the unauthorized profile has his or her own profile, it will be removed as well.
  4. Do not post hateful or discriminating content on your profile. If you do, your profile will be removed.
  5. You may only upload work that is legally yours. Do not upload work that does not legally belong to you. If you do so, and we get notified, the pictures will be removed, and/or your complete profile will be removed.
  6. Nude art is allowed, but no pornographic material. If you do post pornographic material on your profile, your profile will be removed.
  7. All criminal abuse of Picitz is prohibited.

    All data regarding abuse will be given to every official legal department when we are asked for.

    This includes all aspects of our website and all other social media we use, including email traffic.

    Victims from abuse through our website will have their privacy protected, and only when the Dutch law (The Netherlands') state we have to share the data, we will.

    An official request has to be filed by the government (or other official legal departments) to access our data.

    Picitz falls under Dutch law, and Dutch law only.