Picitz is a new venture that has only one goal, to help you get noticed by the right companies and the right people, the decision makers.

Why, you ask?

Well that's easy, because we have the network for it and because there is a market with an opportunity to make a difference!

There are lots and lots of different websites around, but none of them do what we do, and if they come close to what we do they charge you lots of money. We believe in the fact that the crowd has the future. Internet provides us with a tool to reach a huge crowd quickly and relatively cheap. That is why we can offer everybody our service for free.

That's right, for free!

So if you are a model, or a photographer or a make-up artist, you can all join us without spending a cent of your money. You can sign up and have your own profile for as long as you want, it will not expire after any time.

Life is expensive as it is, and we feel that with the use of internet we can reduce the costs dramatically. There is no real need to pay tens or even hundreds of euros to get noticed.

So join us and change all that instantly!

Use as much social media as you can and create a network, and we will support your network and combine it with ours. Read the tips, and start now, and don't forget to have fun doing this!