Our goal is to keep our website as clean and safe to use as possible.

When you sign up we connect our contact form to your email address so your email address is not visible on your profile or anywhere else on our website. Everyone who visits the website can use the contact form. The content of the message sent by someone to you is not visible to us.

It is possible that someone contacts you with an indecent proposal or suggestion which is not to be tolerated. If this happens, you can contact us, and we will do some research for you to find out what this person really wants and if this person can be trusted. We will share our findings with you, so that you are able to make the right decision.

Our findings will support you with your decision making, but it is an advise. The final decision is yours to make. From our advise you cannot derive any rights! We will not tell anyone about your request. Your request will be treated confidentially.

You can use our contact form to submit a back office research request.

The artists on our website are all well respected members. We have not had one complaint about our members. That means for you that the artists on our website can be trusted. Keep in mind, an artist with bad intentions will not publish on our site because we offer back office research, and the interactive nature of our platform. And if he or she does have bad intentions we will know very quickly about it. If necessary we will remove the artist's profile from our website.

If you read and follow the tips and advise on this page you will find that the world of model photography can and will be fun. You will meet exciting new people make new friends and most of all you will have a great opportunity to start your career as a model!

Have fun!

Here are some tips for you to help you make the right decisions:

  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • If you don't trust the person and the offer made, decline the offer.
  • Ask references from the person that made the offer.
  • Google the person's name.
  • If they ask you for high resolution photographs, do not give them. These pictures are then "out there" and you will never know where they will be or what they have been used for.
  • Tell the person that you want to work with a contract (including a copy of his or her ID). If they do not want to work with a contract, ask them why.
  • Do not go alone to a photo shoot, bring a friend or parent, and let others know exactly where you will be.
  • Bring your telephone and stay available.
  • Do not use Skype or other video based communication services to initiate first contact. If the other party insist on it, decline it.
  • Never do something you don't want to do. Be sure you let the photographer know what your limits are before you go to a photo shoot.
  • Tell others about the indecent proposal that you got, so that others can make the right decision as well.

You as a model have to keep some things in mind as well:

  • Keep your appointments.
  • Show up on time.
  • If you are not able to keep your appointment let the artist know so he or she can make other arrangements.