What happens with my account after I publish it on Picitz?
Our goal is to get your portfolio noticed by all the important companies and people in this business, and with our network we are more then capable to achieve that. The result of this will be that every account will get exposure and attention from the right people who make the decisions. For more information please read the about us section.

How big is the chance that I will get an assignment or job?
Well that's impossible to say. With millions of different brands and companies world wide, nobody can say for sure what they search for or need. For instance it's not likely that a 95 year old woman will be used in a commercial for facifiers, but that could be a wrong conclusion! What can be said with certainty is that if you do not get noticed, you will not get a job or gig!

What can I do when I get indecent proposals or discriminating reactions or even hate mail?
You can remove those reactions yourself. If those reactions keep coming you can report them using our contact form. We will check those people out, and if it's possible we will ban them from our website. But keep in mind that if a person really wants to he or she can create a fake identity and start all over. Unfortunately it's impossible to block out this kind of behavior totally, so remove those reactions and ignore them! Do not get into an argument with those people, that is what they want!

How can I remove my account?
Visit the delete account page and follow the instructions. Your account will be removed from our website.

What if I removed my account but changed my mind?
If you want your account reactivated again, you can send us a reactivation request using our contact form.

Do you use the information provided by me, and if so, how do you use it?
No, we do not use your information for commercial purposes, other then our own. The information required will not be sold to other companies governments or otherwise interested. We will use information about the provider you use, and from which website you came upon our website. This information will help us grow our network substantially but this data will never be able to lead to a specific individual.