We have added a new feature to our website for our profile holders, we call it Protected Profile. Like the title suggests, you can protect your profile if you want!

But from who or what?
Well, from everyone!

Not one person can see your profile on our website and your content when you use this feature.

Whûûût, you say?

Yes, really, not a single person can see your work... except the persons you share the password with!

So if you do not want the whole world to see your work, just use the protection we offer, and you are in total control!

Why did we create this?
First of all we made this for the photographers. Now they can upload their work and ask other friends/ photographers about their oppinion without publishing it for everyone to see! We realised that this feature could be interesting for anyone, so we decided that every Picitz profile holder can use it!

If this feature is succesfull we will ad a new feature that allowes every profile holder to split their profile in 2 parts, Public and Protected, but that’s only if it’s needed and wanted. Don’t forget, you are allowed to create 2 Picitz profiles! ( one public and one protected. Make sure you use 2 different email adresses and different passwords!).

How do i use it?
Well, there are different ways to use this feature.

  • You can use it as an online portfolio and when you contact a model agency, you can give them the password, and so they can acces your profile and get a very good idea about your qualities and other information that you posted on your profile.

  • An other way is that you can use it to create your own protected group.

Just share your password with friends you trust, and then they can acces your portfolio.

You can also choose to share your password only with other Picitz profile holders, and when you share your password ask the ones you shared it with for their password (if they use this feature of course).

Don't share your password with just anyone.

Use it responsibly.

Of course you can change your password, but by doing so you deny everyone access, including the ones you do trust!

Just because this feature makes every user invisible for the main public, it does not mean you can post anything! Our house rules still apply! You are still responsible for the content of your Picitz profile!