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I think my message is declined, why?

Here are the criteria our system uses to moderate the contents of the contact form.

  • Messages without contact info will be declined.
  • Messages with sexual propositions or indecent proposals will be declined.
  • Messages sent for other reasons than to propose a photoshoot, collaborate or expand your network will be declined.

So if your message contains the above mentioned, you can be sure your message is declined. We will not notify you about this, so do not bother sending messages like that!

Message approved, how?

  • Messages sent by full Picitz profile holders (see below) will always get approved, unless the message sent contains criteria mentioned above.
  • To expand your network in the business of model photography.
  • To comment or ask questions about the profile holder and his or her work.

Of course the system allows you to send messages to congratulate someone, or other positive content!

Full Picitz profile

This is a profile that:

  • Contains at least 3 pictures.
  • Links to the used social media sites by the profile holder.
  • The 'About me' section is filled in.
  • The displayed content is their own work.
  • Skill level is chosen.
  • Tags are used.