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Will Simon is born on the 25th of July in 1989. Currently he is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
During his summer job in Greece he hosted the Miss Crete show for a few years in a row.
This experience gave him a look into the modeling industry.

After his stage performance many people complimented and that gave the extra boost to actively work as a model.

He did his first photo-shoot in 2013 on the Greek island Crete.
During his stay in Greece he was followed by a camera crew that recorded every step in his life for a few weeks. This footage is used in the online mini-series “Beachflirt – Starbeach behind the scenes”.
The series are being aired on cable-TV in the U.S.

He performed in a video for club Sorbonne in Rotterdam. And he recorded a short commercial for GoFun (Dutch travel company)

In 2011 he starred in a short film made for the 24hour Film Project Utrecht. The short film is called, Schone Ramen. The film won a few prizes. For best script and use of prop. The film was nominated for best film and best screenplay.

He enjoyed every second working on all the projects. He is a fun and enthusiastic person.
And a hard worker!

Feel free to contact any time!

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