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Adriele , was born in Brazil, whose Modeling Career she love and which to Pursue with all readiness of Heart ,I am a model seeking work where it can be found. I prefer print but also enjoy runway modeling,  Glamour, MC, Acting, and TV . I can be contacted by any work of this kind. I competed in my university’s “Next Top Model Competition” and was sixth runner up! I also graduated from a Modeling School. I was entered into the International Modeling and Talent Association competition in NYC. I have a undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation Services and a graduate degree in Public and Community Health Administration. I work full time at a child development center until I can get a job in my field or until I can make a living off of modeling. My ultimate dream career would be doing print work, fashion, commercial, etc. Brazil is a Beautiful place and so is other country which love for modeling is in it.

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