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David Cohen, born in Athens, Greece in 1964, is a professional, freelance photographer.

Already as a child he developed a keen interest in photography seeing his father taking his Leica everywhere on family trips and holidays.

David never received any formal photography training at college or university, his father taught him the basics and over the years he developed his unique signature style of only natural, available light, including high ISOs, and very often muted colors.

David had practiced photography nearly all his life when he decided to fully go professional in 2003 and soon worked with the Italian PLAYBOY™ as a (freelance) contributing photographer.

Since 2005 David has been fully freelance again, also offering workshops, (online) courses, and since 2015 he has been closely working with Yasmeena Ali.

On a personal note, David loves, cares for and protects animals and therefore he has been a longtime SeaShepherd volunteer and lives vegan.

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