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About Vincent Rijs: In 2009 he ended his work at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and began his training at the Image Masters Photography Lab, Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2012.
In 2010 he settled as an autonomous photographer.
His portfolio includes work for Vogue Italy.
Characteristic is a strong reference to the Dutch Golden Age of painting: Both in topic as in light. In addition, there is always a balanced styling of models.
Rijs is full of humor and some self-mockery.
He calls his style magical realistic with a touch of surrealism, mixed with a small dosage vintage and nostalgia.
Rijs: “I shoot with my head, impressions eventually converted in an image. Still I experience that visualisation process with wonder, similar to the former analog printing process of the predigitale era. Pure Magic if the image appears in the coating”.

CNCPT13 galery, Prinsengracht 266 Amsterdam:
The new work of Dutch photographer Vincent Rijs shows three intriguing series of photographs which are exhibited in 3D. Themes like death, levitation, transformation and the archetypal woman role are highlighted in a scenery of mounted animals.
The particular way of using light and colors and the beautiful styling of models characterize the portrait work of Rijs. In this exhibition you will see a strong reference to the Dutch Golden Age of painting: both in topic as in light. The photos almost look like a work of Vermeer, Caravaggio or Rembrandt and other master painters of light. But the work of Rijs has a certain surrealism to it. There are clearly stories behind the scenes, nothing is just a portrait, something is going on.
Curators for this exhibition are stylists Patrick Muller and Mare Bohlander. They thought of ways to make the photos come to life and break the distance between artwork and observer. Is the viewer really looking at a photo…or into a mirror?

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